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Selection Key - - Horse Racing Selection Service
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  - a greyed out line means the horse is scratched.
  - predicted tote favourite in the race
1. Sel No - XtraCash rating for this horse, winner almost always in my Top 8
2. Prev Wks - number of weeks since last run, 'watch' means first run
3. Prev Lbh - number of lengths behind the winner
4. Prev Fin - position at end of last race
5. Prev Bet - previous betting for this horse (Fractional Format)
6. Now Bet - current betting for this horse, 'SP' means betting not available yet
7. Pred Time - predicted race time for this horse
8. Prev MR - previous Merit Rating for this horse
9. Now Mass - weight the horse must carry in this race
10. Now DR - barrier draw of the horse in this race
11. Prev Dist - previous race distance for this horse
12. Prev B - horse ran with/without Blinkers(B) in the previous race
13. Now B - horse is running with/without Blinkers(B) in this race
14. TJC W% - Trainer Jockey Combination win percentage
15. TJC P% - Trainer Jockey Combination place percentage
16. NO RNS - number of runs for this Trainer Jockey Combination
17. - Coupling i.e Trainer has more than 1 horse in the race
18. WIN % - Win percentage
19. Loss Seq - Loss sequence i.e how many runs since last win
20. No HR'S - number of horses the Trainer has at this race meeting
21. NO MT'S   - number of mounts/rides the Jockey has at this race meeting