What is a Jackpot in Horse Racing Tips ? The objective of this bet is to select the winning horse in each of the 4 races that comprises the Jackpot. The four races that make up this bet are clearly marked on my Selection page as JP Leg 1 through JP Leg 4.
  1. Currently, I do this part-time, therefore I do not supply a suggested JP to play. Once I can do my horse racing selection service full time, this option will be available. In the meanwhile, please follow my suggestions below.
  2. Decide on your favourite Permutation. Mine is 4x4x4x4 .
  3. Why we need Permutations: A host of things can go wrong, obviously horses are animals, they can fall, they can breakdown, riders can be unseated, connections may not have got their money down, so it can be pulled (happens more than you think) or declared a non-runner. The going can change, Riders can drop their hands if they're not likely to win, so get beaten out of the places. Horses are deliberately not bustled up when they come out of the stalls or go wide on each turn, Jockey's can switch a horse more than once to effect performance, these are but a few, the list is endless.
  4. Then decide if you want to go Top 4 or Bottom 4 per leg.
  5. So How the Heck do I decide? you may ask. Because I do my selections the night before, I do this only based on known form for both the trainer and the horse. So what I do the next day, is go and check the betting movements for my selections, and then based on the betting info the next day and my Stats for that leg, I decide what selections to make. Go Here for the site I use, although there are many others to choose from. Use the Fixed Odds buttons to check the betting movements.
  6. Betting moves tell us much more than form. If a horse is drifting in the market and I have made it my 1st Selection, then be very careful as something is amiss. The bookies and money know more than us. In this scenario I would not take the Pick 6, rather the PA.
  7. The reverse is then true, if my first selections are getting betting support, then even think of cutting down the selections in that leg and increase the selections in legs where the betting is thin.
  8. Once you've decided, choose horses in order (do not jump numbers) & include scratchings e.g leg 1 you decide to go Bottom 4, so you would choose my Selections 5 to 8
  9. Why I say include scratchings is because I don't always include 1st timers in my selections and I hate 1st time runners in the exotics, so if a 1st timer or a tote favourite runs 1st, the scratching may see you through your exotic bet, or even double or triple up your win amount.
  10. Do the same for the remaining 3 legs and you're ready to place your bet.
  11. The above example permutation would cost 4 selections x 4 selections x 4 selections x 4 selections = R256.00 on the full.
  12. However should your budget not allow R256.00, you may nominate any smaller rand value and subsequently receive a percentage (or fraction) of the dividend. If a punter decided to spend R30.00 on the above bet, he would get a fractional bet of 10%. If this bet subsequently becomes a winning one, and the dividend is say R40,000.00, the punter would receive a payment of 10% x R40,000.00 = R4,000.00.
  13. If your budget allows, you can work out several permutation combinations to improve your chances.
  14. Remember, the Jackpot ignores couplings, i.e every horse is treated as one even if they belong to the same stable.
  15. Remember, my 1st selection is not always the current tote favourite, so the predicted tote favourite I highlight in LightBlue.
  16. Good-Luck!
  17. If you have a valid Subscription, you may view my 'How to cover your Jackpot with Just 16 Tickets' below.
Jackpot MagicGrid™ Combinations
Jackpot MagicGrid™ Combinations
Jackpot MagicGrid™ Combinations
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