ROVER Calculator
2nd Sel Calculator

Below we will determine the Target you need to Win Per Day, as well as the Minimum BankRoll required to achieve Your Goal of Doubling the amount of money you set. (Java must be Enabled)

4 Entry Fields Required (Be Realistic)
Goal you wish to Double  
Tipsters % Strike Rate  
Month/s to reach Goal  
Race Days per Week  
Below are your Calculation Results
Target to Win Per Day  
Min BankRoll Needed  
My Suggested BankRoll  

The above is based on placing a Fixed Odds bet on my 1st Selections for a WIN. Only 2.5 odds and higher are considered, else, No Bet!

Stake Calculator, 2 Entry Fields Required

Did you Know? The 'For Subscribers Only' blocks are Removed AFTER a race meeting has run, to enable you to check the results of the day. Go Here to access the links for this function.

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